Your Lover's Composite Report

Your Lover's Composite Report

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This is our newest Romance report I'm so excited for you to have it! It's jam packed with new and exciting information about you and your partner as a unit.

This Composite Report goes deeper than how you affect your partner and how they affect you in the relationship. Your Composite Report is something just as important as the Lover's Report, but also very different. What are the karmic themes in your relaitonship?

This incredible report will give you deep insight into the alchemy the two of you make together. It's what happens when we mix your energy with theirs!  To explain further, there is YOU, and then there is ME and then -- there is US TOGETHER! This is ONE energy that the two of us create. This report goes into great detail about what our relationship creates for both of us collectively.

We calculate your composite chart by taking the midpoint between your two planets. For example if your Sun Sign is a Sagittarius and I am a Libra, our composite Sun Sign would likely be a Scorpio. We do this for each planet and then look at the houses and then also look at the aspects our planets create to find the tension in the relationship. 

Another example. If you have a 7th house Sun and I have a 5th house Sun, most likely we will have a 6th house Composite Sun and that means we are working out 6th house themes in our relationship; while you are personally working our 7th house themes and I am personally working out 5th house themes. 

This report goes into details about all the energy your two charts create as one. It's very accurate and very powerful. It shows you your relationship as one entity and what will be discovered and created inside of it.

You really should buy your Gorgeous Composite CHART to go along with this report, so you can SEE where all these aspects are in the chart. It's just like the Gorgeous Natal Chart that we sell, except it is the combination of the two of you. 

SPECIAL NOTE: This report goes into 11 different Asteroids that create love bonds including: Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Psyche, Sappho, Eros, Cupido, Amor, Aphrodite, True Lilith. If you have these in prominent places or aspect the report will highlight them. If you order the chart, please ask us to include these asteroids in it and we will. It's exciting to see where these land in your chart.

I'm confident you will find this report invaluable for your relationship!

  • We strive for a 48 hour turn-around time once we have received all your and your partner's birth information. Please SPELL OUT the MONTH! Meredith's team take great care in making you your order, we appreciate your patience when there are occasional small delays. Please know our small yet dedicated team at Soul Navigation adores each one of our clients and subscribers! Along with our gratitude, we are confident you will love your order.


    On rare occasion the birth information relayed to us is not accurate and there is a need to re-issue the charts or reports, we kindly ask that you pay the "re-issue" fee found in our shop if you need a report or chart re-done.

    This allows her to compensate her staff for the time to make those changes for you.
    **Any errors on our end, we will re-issue of course at no cost to you.

Thank you for your support!