Who is Meredith?

A little bit of Meredith's background as a reader:

Meredith has worked as a Professional Astrologer, Intuitive Reader, Medium and Motivational Life Coach for 20 years now. She has studied Astrology at Oxford University in England with the greatest living minds in the field and has acclaimed her first level of Certification under the guidance of Renowned Master Astrologer Steven Forrest.

Meredith has built a 20,000 person platform and has clients from more countries than she can count. Through her deeply moving and profoundly inspiring readings, Meredith can read over 40,000 unique aspects from your Astrology chart, that she calls, the blueprint of your soul. By reading your chart, she can see who you were in your past life; who you are meant to be in this lifetime and who you are preparing to become in your next lifetime. She can help you understand and overcome the divine challenges you currently face. Working with the Divine she gives you pragmatic tools that will help you unlock and unblock your most powerful pathway, teaching you how to manifest your highest best self.

Meredith’s ability to help you understand your deeper calling in this lifetime is a gift to be cherished. The collaborative process between her and her client is nothing less than life-changing. Meredith’s readings are highly confidential, will leave you motivated to cultivate and access the power within in yourself. After a reading with Meredith you will leave feeling empowered and inspired to break through both the small and big challenges that life presents.

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