Your Child Package  ~ Welcome to the World! (You must email birth info to before checking out!)

Your Child Package ~ Welcome to the World! (You must email birth info to before checking out!)

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What a thoughtful blessing this package is to give to any new parent wanting to see what is special and remarkable about their child. This report will help any parent more deeply  understand their child. It's truly a priceless gift and perfect for a baby shower!

Purchase this package for yourself to help you understand your child's karmic contract in this lifetime.

You will receive 3 beautiful components in this package:

Your Child's Gorgeous Natal Chart  -- this is so beautiful you may want to laminate it!

Your Child's Report - This insightful report will allow you to understand the blueprint of your child's soul; their inner-most programming; their natural desires and tendencies, their relationship to their parents and their internal relationship to themselves. You will come to understand your child's unique gifts and what strengths and weaknesses they may experience. This report will help you guide them to their best selves! 

Your Soul's Design - Who Are You Born to Be Report -This inspiring report will show you a whole other layer to your child. It's similar to the Deep Dive Natal Report that we sell, except it goes deeper into the houses and their rulers! It allows you to look into all the different aspects of a person and the insights are often times awe-inspiring. You will learn how your child's mind, heart, body, passions work. It's a deep slice into their inner world -- and will help you guide them into their rightful ascension on earth.