The HIT-THE-JACKPOT-Cazimi Package!

The HIT-THE-JACKPOT-Cazimi Package!

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Hit the Jackpot with this package! There isn’t a better, more personalized gift than this! YOU WILL absolutely LOVE having this gift! It’s a gold mine of information – all about YOU! You will receive in the mail an autographed binder full of Meredith’s reports printed, tabbed and organized especially for you. Please email Meredith your mailing address, your current city for the Solar Return report, your teen’s birth info and your lover’s birth info.

You will Receive:

  • Your Gorgeous Natal Chart
  • Your Deep Natal Report
  • Your Daily Horoscope for the next 365 days
  • Your Solar Return Chart
  • Solar Return Report
  • Your Asteroids Report
  • Your Progressed Chart
  • Your Progressed Report, Your Teen’s Forecast
  • Your Teen’s Natal Chart
  • Your Lover’s Report
  • Your Lover’s Natal Chart
  • Your Numerology Report
  • Your Fixed Stars Report Your Void of Course Moon Listing
  • Your Astrocartography Report for any one location in the world 
  • Your Vedic Astrology Natal Report

PLEASE READ - For your report order to be fulfilled - please email Meredith at You must send your birth information and she will send you your report just as soon as possible. For quicker turn around time, and less confusion, PLEASE SPELL OUT THE MONTH -- and send, date, year, time, place, your first and last name and your shipping address! As we send this to you in the mail! This order takes 10 days to receive : ) Thank you for your patience!

We look forward to sending you order!

~ Team Soul Navigation