Fabulous Progressed Package! Who have you evolved into? Find Out!

Fabulous Progressed Package! Who have you evolved into? Find Out!

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This is such an PHENOMENAL Package!! Don't miss getting this one! There are 3 components to this package!

WHO have you evolved into? WHO ARE YOU TODAY! You have changed over the years and this report will show you where all your progressed planets are right now! Your energy has shifted and you need to know how it has done so. Your natal chart progresses ONE DAY FOR A YEAR! In this package you will receive:

Your Progressed Report (which will NOT be your birthday, but your PROGESSED birthday! DO NOT be CONFUSED when you see a different date on the chart, other than your birthday!) 

This in depth Progressed Report is based on your progressed chart! You will learn so much about yourself and your life and what is happening to you right now! How long will this phase last, learn through this in depth report! This is invaluable and long and ALL ABOUT what your soul is experiencing in the world right now. WHO HAVE YOU GROWN INTO? This report shows you your evolution. Remember this is about your progressions, not your transits. So these events are personal to you and your growth in this lifetime! Nobody else will have your progressed chart!

You will also receive...

Your Gorgeous Progressed Chart, so you can start seeing where your progressed planets are! Meredith designed this chart, so it is absolutely STUNNING!


Your Progressed Moon Report, so you can understand the phase in which your progressed moon is in. It will stay in each phase for 2 1/2 years....so this is a very critical report!

Here is Connie Jo's, from Team Soul Navigation, video on progressions and progressed charts: https://youtu.be/wdUReD47JTg

We strive for a 48 hour turn-around time once we have received your birth information. Meredith and her team take great care in making you your beautiful easy to read natal chart, we appreciate your patience when there are occasional small delays. Please know our small yet dedicated team at Soul Navigation adores each one of our clients and subscribers! Along with our gratitude, we are confident you will love these brilliant reports.

Team Soul Navigation