Gorgeous Transit Bi-Wheel : Your Gorgeous Natal Chart + Today's Transits

Gorgeous Transit Bi-Wheel : Your Gorgeous Natal Chart + Today's Transits

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Please EMAIL Meredith's team at: teamsoulnavigation@gmail.com

We will need your name and birth information -- spelling out the MONTH. We need names, dates, year, place of birth and time of birth. BE sure to PICK which Natal chart will be in the inner circle, and on the outer one!

IMPORTANT!! We also need your CURRENT LOCATION to calculate your Transit!!!

Your Gorgeous Transit Bi-Wheel shows you YOUR Gorgeous Natal Chart with TODAY'S TRANSITS in the outer wheel. While the personal planets move quickly... you will get to understand where the outer planets are living in your chart for the next few years.

This is an invaluable tool in understanding the lessons that Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto & the Nodes are brining to you for the next few years. 

This gorgeous bi-wheel is EASY to read and it will help you understand your life RIGHT now and what you are experiencing and going through. Follow along using this bi-wheel with Meredith's weekly videos and Member's ONLY videos to learn more about the evolution of your life. 

I'm confident you will find this biwheel invaluable for your relationship!

  • We strive for a 48 hour turn-around time once we have received your birth information. Meredith and her team take great care in making you your order, we appreciate your patience when there are occasional small delays. Please know our small yet dedicated team at Soul Navigation adores each one of our clients and subscribers! Along with our gratitude, we are confident you will love your order.


    On rare occasion the birth information relayed to us is not accurate and there is a need to re-issue the charts or reports, we kindly ask that you purchase the small  "re-issue" fee found in Meredith's shop.

    This allows her to compensate her staff for the time to make those changes for you.
    **Any errors on our end, we will re-issue of course at no cost to you.

    Thank you for understanding.