Meredith's "Understanding the Nodes" Part 1, Workshop, Seattle 2023 - video link

Meredith's "Understanding the Nodes" Part 1, Workshop, Seattle 2023 - video link

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In this Seattle Workshop Nodes video, Meredith offers more of a riveting story, and less of a lesson about the contract the nodes offer to you. It is very deep, touching and moving. Meredith delves into the Soul's contracts... your past life, your present and future life contracts. She goes deeply into the lessons of each of the nodal axis'.  Meredith's in depth exploration takes three hours to move through each sign. If you want to understand the archetypes of EACH of the signs this is a masterful video to watch. Meredith offers a higher perspective in this video, and also shows the tragedy of the SN in more depth. She also does a very brief review of the houses in this video. She spends an hour giving cold readings from the audience and the participants seem to speak more deeply about how they are experiencing their Node's story. 

Meredith has a video on the houses, under the LIVE tab on her YT channel... so you can find in depth info on that there : ) 

Meredith offers a 2nd part Masterclass on the Nodes that is also invaluable and a great compliment to this video. These Nodes videos are really invaluable and offer enough different information. You can read that Nodes Masterclass description under that product page. 

This 1 of 3 previously recorded workshop classes from Meredith's Seattle Retreat in 2023. It has been edited and you will be purchasing the link for life! Look for the other 2 workshop classes from the 2023 Seattle Retreat or buy the bundle at a discount!!

"Learning Astrology with Meredith is deep, fun, exhilarating and rewarding! She is like no other, funny and smart! I don't know where I would be without your videos and lessons Meredith!" ~ Amanda K. NY, NY!

In this 4 1/2 hour masterclass you will learn from World-Renowned, Master Astrologer, Meredith from Soul Navigation. Everyone who is serious about Astrology should take this class. Get ready to have your mind blown! When you purchase this masterclass you get the link for life.