Meredith's Advanced Astrology Masterclass: "Reading Your Natal Chart, Putting it all Together!"- video link

Meredith's Advanced Astrology Masterclass: "Reading Your Natal Chart, Putting it all Together!"- video link

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This class is a recorded class previously held. It has been edited and you will be purchasing the link for life!

Meredith's riveting 2 hour class will be for intermediate and advanced astrology students. Meredith will teach you the art of synthesis, putting all the pieces of your unique chart together. You will learn her powerful advanced techniques and tools and how she reads a chart. You will learn how to blend the most important parts of a chart: hemisphere influences, moon phases, cusps, signs, planets, houses, depositors, rulers and aspects in your chart. Get ready for an absolutely amazing experience! 

You will come away learning all the astrological layers that make up your chart together. You will go deep -- be prepared-- to build your 10 layer Astro-Cake! And it’s going to be delicious! Astrology is both an art and a science…. In this class I am going to teach you the art of synthesizing both the art and the science of astrology.

I will give you my super powerful step by step formula: Planet, Sign, House, Dispositor of the Planet by House, Sign and Planet and aspects.

In this class, I break down the complexity into simple steps so by the end of this class you will be able to see your own chart, layer by layer. You will be able to see the hidden pieces. We will put the houses, signs, planets, dispositors and aspects together and I will show you how to unravel the magic that lies deep within your chart.

You will never see your chart the same way again. You will never see yourself as just your sun sign or even by your big three.

 Get ready to be blown away. Get ready to understand astrology at a whole new level. Get ready to learn a new perspective about astrology!

You will be able to use my tools to read any chart…. And it may be one of the most important tools of your life. After this class you will be able to read charts of the people you care about. You will be able to understand the motivations of others and yourself. You will be able to start to see your life purpose.

Who is this class for?  Anyone who has the signs memorized, who understands basic keywords for the signs, can read the wheel in basic terms… for example you know how to find degrees in a wheel, you know what the cusps are in your chart…. This in not a 101 class in astrology. You need to have some knowledge of the signs and what the planets stand for.