The Starter Package

The Starter Package

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Start your astrological journey with this package. You will receive both the gorgeous wheel that is your Natal Chart along with your Deep Natal Report. You can frame this chart and keep it forever, as it is the blueprint of your soul. It’s your soul’s secret and unique code. The report and the chart go well side by side so you can follow along in all my YouTube videos and understand your astrological placements, elements, modalities, chart rulers, quadrants and houses. The report is extremely deep and will help you explore the destiny of your soul’s journey. This makes an incredible gift for someone who loves astrology, but doesn’t necessarily know how to read the chart.

You will receive:

  • Natal Chart
  • Deep Natal Report 

PLEASE READ - For your report order to be fulfilled

Please Email us at with the full name of the order recipient, Birth date, (month written out) time and place. Thank you!

We strive for a 48 hour turn-around time once we have received your birth information. Meredith and her team take great care in making you your beautiful easy to read natal chart, we appreciate your patience when there are occasional small delays. Please know our small yet dedicated team at Soul Navigation adores each one of our clients and subscribers! Along with our gratitude, we extend our confidence to you that you will love these brilliant reports and charts.

We look forward to sending you your gorgeous chart!

Team Soul Navigation


On rare occasion the birth information relayed to us is not accurate and there is a need to re-issue the charts or reports, we kindly ask that you pay a small  $5.00 "re-issue" fee to Meredith.

This allows her to compensate her staff for the time to make those changes for you.
**Any errors on our end, we will re-issue of course at no cost to you.

Please pay the  "re-issue” fee on paypal at:

Thank you for understanding.