Soul Navigation's Astrology *CAZIMI* Bingo Game Night w/ a Little Twist ; )  Dec 5th, 2pm PST

Soul Navigation's Astrology *CAZIMI* Bingo Game Night w/ a Little Twist ; ) Dec 5th, 2pm PST

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Come Join Soul Navigtaion's Virtual Night Out on the Town! It's Soul Navigation's Premier Astrology *Cazimi" Bingo Game Night! Come Laugh, drink and WIN BIG PRIZES!

Dress up like you are going out, but you will be joining us via Zoom! Look good, singles can mingle, couples can join! Bring your natal chart, your happy hour drink, and come laugh the night away at Soul Navigation's Astroparty. We are going to have a BLAST with YOU --  at our Astrology Cazimi bingo game night with Team Soul Navigation! There's a little twist to it too! 

Buy your ticket now, because I know it will sell out! Come meet the whole team and will be giving away SEVEN free 30 minute Astrology, Psychic, Tarot, Medium and Pet Communication READINGS as the prizes! 

How does it work:

In order to play you need to bring 7 copies of your Natal Birthchart! (One chart for each round that we play).  You can buy a gorgeous Natal Birthchart from Meredith's store right here, and she will email it to you, or find one on the internet; but you need to have all 7 copies before the game starts.

Your Natal Birthchart is your 'bingo' or, as in our case, your "Cazimi" card. The Readers at Team Soul Navigation will  be rolling the astrodice which will create astrological aspects. If anyone has those exact aspects, that the reader rolled, in your own Natal Birthchart, you will circle it and earn a point. A reader from Team Soul Navigation will be telling you the "sexy or naughty" side of each combination on the roll of the dice! SO you will also LEARN some very "sexy" astrology! Haha! Come laugh with us! 

After you get 5 points --- call out CAZMINI and YOU WIN the round. We will play 7 rounds for 7 awesome prizes! FREE READINGS!

Come have a hilarious and fun -- little bit spicy--- time with us! 

Soul Navigation will send you the Zoom invitation after you register!

Can't wait to see you there!

Blessings, From Team Soul Navigation